What is Rotary all About?



Rotary is biggest Service organisation in the world. In other words, Rotary exists to help people locally, nationally and internationally. Rotary Cubs, and there are 500 of them in Great Britain alone, support local hospices, schools, and students, elderly, disadvantaged and disabled people and they encourage young people by rewarding them for their achievements as carers and students.

There are more than a million Rotarians spread across the whole world. They have formed themselves into clubs so that they can best help their communities and support those in great need. Let me give you some examples. Thirty years ago Rotary made a pledge to the world’s children that they would get rid of Polio from the planet so that no child would die or be disabled by the disease. They worked with partners and on their own raised $2 billion and sent out volunteers to some of the most dangerous countries to immunise every child. This work is now 99% complete. Rotary provides shelter, food and water whenever and wherever there is a disaster. So Rotary was their in the Caribbean when the recent hurricanes devastated islands, and in the north of England before that providing aid.

Rotary is not in any way a religious, or exclusive organisation. Its members are men and women of all ages and from all walks of life who want to help and do some good in their area, for example by providing facilities for dementia sufferers or supporting Young Carers.

Where do the clubs get their money from? By organising large and small fundraising events like Dragon Boat Races, Charity Golf Days, Sportsmen’s Dinners, Car Shows, Bucket Collections, Christmas Collections etc – and they have have fun doing it.

If this is the kind of thing you would like to be involved with, get in touch with one of your local clubs and go and see for yourself.

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