What is Rotary all About?

    Rotary is biggest Service organisation in the world. In other words, Rotary exists to help people locally, nationally and internationally. Rotary Cubs, and there are 500 of them in Great Britain alone, support local hospices, schools, and students, elderly, disadvantaged and disabled ...

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Our mission

Welcome to the website of Coalville Rotary Club. From here, you can find out all you want to know about the club. Discover what we do, and how you can help. You can also discover the wider world of Rotary International. Just follow the links.

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Coalville’s Local Good Causes

Our major charitable collection is taken during Christmas. Before the collection takes place, the members of the club meet to propose which of the local good causes nominated through the preceding months are best fitted to our ideals of benefitting the community.  

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Youth Service

Coalville Rotary Club sponsors local young people in several areas: Youth Speaks, Young Chef, Young Photographer.  

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Joined together in the ideal of Service

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Rotary Charter Evening
Each year, The Club celebrates the anniversary of its Charter, the date upon which it came into existence.

It is an opportunity to meet with members of other clubs in the area, and to discuss ways in which we can work better together.

Our Club

The Rotary Club of Coalville has been in existence since 1933, when we were granted our charter by Rotary International. The members have been giving help to needy parts of the local community since that time, as well as contributing to many international good causes. In the process, we have enjoyed making new friends in the area, and throughout the world.


Featured Projects

Working with local charities

The Rotary Club of Coalville works alongside many local charities.
The members of the club not only supply funds from our charity collections, but also contribute knowledge, experience and time.

Come along
for a chat

An invitation for you to meet with us on a Monday evening at the Hermitage Hotel, Coalville for a chat to find out what Rotary is all about.
Enjoy the company and friendship of like minded individuals who appreciate helping those less fortunate than themselves whilst having some fun.

Join Coalville Rotary Club!

And why not?
The photographs and articles within this site you an indication of some of the activities we enjoy.
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